Star Defender 4

Star Defender 4

Scrolling shooter with fast-paced space battles
4.0  (39 votes)
Shoot your way through swarms of aliens in over 100 levels and battle some really challenging bosses. You have three lives to complete each mission, so be careful.

If you love space battles and shooting challenges, you will love Star Defender 4. This game is an excellent adventure battle where you must fight against aliens and destroy them. Each level of this game is a great speed battle, where you must pilot your ship and shoot all the enemies in your screen. They are moving fast and you must kill them and defend yourself. Some will shoot at you so you must move carefully to avoid their guns. In this game you will have 3 lives to complete your mission. Each mission will increase the number of enemies and each time you will fight versus bigger and more powerful enemies. You will get addicted trying to beat the records of this game and setting your own records. The adventure is great and the speed will capture your attention. Playing this game is very easy, move your mouse left and right to avoid enemy shots and press left mouse button to fire your gun. When you destroy enemies some guns will fall down, you must catch them and collect them to increase your gun power.

Birgilio Rivera
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